Immerse yourself in the Onia®-World of light-colours! Onia® combines unique design with fascinating color combinations and changes the room ambience at the push of a button or by using the app. With timer, dimmer, alarm and snooze mode.

Onia®-Light enriches rooms with infinite fascinating 2-colour combinations at the push of a button or by using the app. Via the free app for Apple iOS and Android you can control which mood your Onia® should create for you.
The basis for the light colours is colour psychology, which is also used for colour light therapy. The effects of colour and light influence the psyche, and even the human organism. The two Onia®-Light modules reproduce the desired light colours or are calculated according to the mood target that you have chosen. The upper light-colour stands for the consciousness, the lower one for the subconscious. With a unique feature, the app can use your personal biorhythm to control the Onia®- Light as a biorhythmic light. In combination with your choosen mood target, such as creativity, restfulness, harmony, clarity, balance, activity and much more, it calculates and activates your current individual, ideal light colours.
Onia®-light helps you in all situations, e.g. when working, fuel up energy, learning, reducing stress, enjoying togetherness, meditating, come to rest, falling asleep and getting up and is also easily portable. Children also benefit from Onia®-Light, especially with the integrated app features for dimming, lulling to sleep and waking.