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The smart light that knows what you just want and need


Onia® is the unique newly developed, internationally award-winning LED color and light source for all of the family. Pick up your personal piece of deceleration, whether in the office, on travel or at home.

Colors do not only bring variety in life, they always have a special effect on humans. Some colors soothe, some stimulate, other improve the concentration for e. g. creative work.

Using the specially developed free Onia®+ app (iOS/Android), up to 7 Onia® mood lights can be controlled via bluetooth.

16 million possible colors, natural dynamic lighting effects such as "at the seaside"/"sunset"/"in the forest" /"cherry blossom"/"starry sky" are already pre-programmed.

Specially developed algorithms calculate according your individual biorhythm the color you supports emotionally, cognitively and physically at this moment. Each color is associated with own attributes.

The integrated color consultation explains the meanings that may be switched by the Onia®+ app via bluetooth.

The timer feature allows you or your children to fall asleep emotionally relaxed and turns off your Onia® design cube at the specified time.